Our Mission

Atira Property Management Inc. offers personalized, client-focused management solutions for strata corporations, building owners, housing cooperatives, not-for-profit societies, and developers in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

As a socially responsible firm, we offer quality property management services and an opportunity for clients to give back to the community.

Our Values


We have an unwavering commitment to excellence in customer service and progressive property management. This commitment means we carefully monitor the quality, safety, and environmental impact of everything we do.

Social Responsibility

All of Atira Property Management Inc.’s profits are donated to the Atira Women’s Resource Society and used to fund transition housing and support services for women and children who are recovering from the effects of violence and abuse within their families.


Our work is client-focused and our staff are encouraged to pursue innovation, creativity, leadership, transparency and accountability in all aspects of their work. Our goal is to offer excellent service to the community while using innovation to reduce reliance on government funding.

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