Services for Rentals

Atira Property Management Inc. provides service tailored to the unique needs of owners of individual investment properties, and multi-family rental properties.

If you’d like to request co-op services, give us a call at (604) 439-8848 (Vancouver) or (604) 535-8080 (Surrey). Or for less urgent inquiries, send us an email.



What we offer

From preparing and circulating monthly financial statements to 24-hour emergency call services, we offer exceptional service to co-ops in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.


Atira’s Property Managers will:

  • Hire, discharge and supervise resident caretakers(s) and other service personnel
  • Recruit, interview and select all tenants, based on instructions from the Owner, check credit and other references of all applicants, negotiate tenancy agreements, inspect all suites upon move in/move out, collect rents promptly, maintain the rent roll and security deposits
  • Prepare and maintain a well organized filing system for tenant files, including all correspondence, documents, contracts, forms and other data, as required
  • Arrange for efficient rent collection (e.g. post-dated cheques, pre-approved-payment plans, etc. to reduce opportunities for delinquent rent accounts)
  • Manage waiting list, provide legal notice of rent increases, make recommendations on and manage all approved evictions including issuing notice, completing and processing legal documents
  • Lease any vacant rental units
  • Coordinate all interactions with the Residential Tenancy Branch
  • Prepare late payment notices, warning letters, and building policy enforcement letters according to Owner policy/direction
  • Follow up on NSF cheques, non-payment, collection of monthly arrears rents and placement of arrears rents with a collection agency as required
  • Enforce on behalf of the Owner the policies, rules and regulations of the building
  • Appraise assets annually and provide reduced replacement value insurance premiums through volume purchasing, and coordinate all insurance claims
  • Assist the Owner to place and maintain appropriate fire, liability and any other insurance
  • Assist and advise the Owner with respect to any proposed amendments or alterations of the policies or any rules or regulations


Atira’s Property Managers will:

  • Maintain a full and proper books of account with true and correct entries of all receipts and disbursements relating to the normal daily operation of the property
  • Provide monthly and year-end financial statements showing income and expenditures for the month and year to date, with comparisons to budgeted figures to the Owner
  • Account for all receipts of rent paid from tenants and deposit all funds so received in a custodial trust bank account
  • Collect all monies due by the occupants under the terms of their tenancy agreement including but not limited to, security deposits, pet deposits and other deposits, to take such action as is required to effect collection, and to deposit same into a custodial trust bank account
  • Pay promptly out of the custodial trust bank account any security deposits, pet deposits, and other deposits, together with any accrued interest, in accordance with and as required by the Residential Tenancy Act and the Real Estate Services Act, and all expenses incurred for the operation of the Property, including advertising of the suite but only to the extent that such funds are available in said account
  • Pay to the Owner, on a monthly basis, out of the custodial trust bank account funds varying according to expenditures on  the 20th day of each month, where possible
  • Submit for the approval of the Owner a draft budget of common and administrative expenses for the next financial year
  • Maintain and invest appropriately a Reserve Fund as directed by Owner
  • Pay all accounts and taxes properly payable by the Owner


Atira’s Property Managers will:

  • Negotiate, execute and supervise the performance of contracts upon Owner approval for the provision of electricity, gas, fuel, water, window cleaning, vermin extermination, garbage collection, lighting, snow removal, elevator and grounds maintenance, and such other services as the property Manager shall deem necessary
  • Ensure contracts exceeding $1,000 or a 12 month period to be approved by the owner
  • Provide 24-hour answering service to attend to any emergencies that may occur after normal business hours and to deal promptly with such emergencies
  • Properly maintain the property including repairs, replacements, maintenance, inspections and minor alterations
  • Arrange for cleaning and painting, and any suite and appliance repairs, that are the responsibility of the Owner
  • Investigate carefully all requirements for unusual repairs, maintenance, alterations or renovations to the building
  • Request a minimum of two (2) bids, where possible, for expenditures in excess of two thousand five hundred ($2,500.00) dollars, and present same to the Owner for final selection
  • Inspect the property on a regular basis
  • Maintain all maintenance records required and necessary for the management of the building

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